How to choose the right cup of coffee

Are you still searching for the right cup of coffee that will soothe your mind and refresh your senses? It can sometimes be really difficult to choose the perfect cup of coffee  and there are some people who actually choose around 100 flavours of coffee before finalising on one. However, with Kimbo Coffee we believe we have found the perfect cup of coffee for all coffee lovers around the world!

So how to choose the perfect coffee? There are various things to consider while choosing a perfect cup of coffee. Would you need to buy roasted coffee and grind it yourself or buy completely ready made coffee? How do you know the period of it being ground if you buy ground coffee? How many kinds of beans are there and what beans was this coffee made of? How were the coffee beans grown? These are the various things that you need to look into before choosing your perfect coffee.

Consider how the coffee beans were roasted and their quality

It is very important to know how the coffee beans were roasted. French roast is known to be strong while Italian roast is stronger. If the coffee beans are dark they would be stronger. Also consider knowing about the coffee brands. There are various brands of coffee among which Italian brands like Segafredo coffee are good. You can also try out higher qualities like Gevalia or Starbucks. Organic coffee is also one of the best coffees that comprise of zero percentage of chemicals. It consist of no toxic or bad smell and are also original and freshly brewed. Espresso coffees like El Pico and Lavazza are good coffees that can be perfect for you.

Do not buy coffee from grocery stores

Avoid buying coffee from grocery stores as you do not know how long they are sitting on the shelf for. The smell and aroma may disappear if the coffee has not been used for a long period of time. Buy coffee from local cafes and coffee shops where you are sure that there is a good sell amount. Also try buying direct trade coffee with a fair trade certificate that charges better amount from direct trade practices. Establish a good relationship between the roasters and the growers and see their product first hand and so that it is easy to buy.

Try using shade grown coffee

Shade grown coffee is coffee that has not been grown in clear cut straight land so that more coffee plants are grown in large groups. Instead, they are grown in an environmentally friendly way. These coffee plants are also organic in nature.

Know your coffee maker

If you would like to know how to choose the perfect coffee, the first thing you would need to know is your coffee maker. Always choose the coffee and the grind based on the coffee maker. A French press produces better coffee than ordinary coffee makers. Use clean and fresh water and choose the right time to filter your coffee.

Measure your coffee right

You need to have a perfect ratio between the coffee beans, the milk and water. Keep the temperature of water right and use the right amount of coffee and sugar for a steaming hot cup of coffee. Too much coffee may make the drink bitter. The Ratio is very important.

Here are the different tips on choosing the right cup of coffee for a great refreshing drink.


How to Lose Weight With Exercising, Diet Pills and Diets

There are a lot of way people can lose weight using exercises, various diet pills and various diets, but it should also be said that not all of those ways are completely healthy. Some of them ought to be avoided, and we are not going to tell you all about the dos and the don’ts of this kind of a weight loss.

Follow the 250:250 Weight Loss Rule

Many diets and weight loss programs fail because our body doesn’t want to lose weight, and is fighting back. However, employing the 250:250 rule will help us get a calorie deficit because we eat far less and burn far more, without any counter-mechanisms. After a couple of weeks of this, the diet pills can be taken, and that’s where the real weight loss starts.

In order to achieve this, you eat 250 fewer calories, and burn additional 250 calories. This help you make a 500 calorie deficit, which allows you to lose weight and accommodate your body to it.

Take Non-Stimulating Metabolic Boosters

In order not to stimulate your brain or your heart, you could start using thermogenesis. This process is triggered by mitochondrial incoupling protein-1 and works by producing cellular energy that comes out as heat. Protein-1 can be activated by a plant extract known as fucoxantin, which tells the fatty acids to start generating energy, and not get stored as body fat. There are some other non-stimulating metabolic boosters, and they include sesamin, green tea, as well as the red acid gen-2.

Tone and Build Muscle

This is the best way to lose your weight. It allows for the metabolism to remain young and active, which burns up the calories really fast. This is exactly why a good exercise program ought to be designed early on, and it needs to be able to target all the major muscle groups.

Inhibit the Yo-yo Enzyme

The yo-yo effect is something that occurs rather frequently, and it includes losing weight, and then gaining it all over again. This is something that can discouraging and also not healthy. It could make you more susceptible to various cardiovascular diseases as well as diabetes. In order to prevent this, you should really stick to all the weight loss guidelines. However, there is one more thing you could do, and deals with inhibiting the G3PD enzyme, which turns the glucose into fat. It is usually activated by eating fewer calories during the diet, and it leads to the conversion of sugar into fat. It can be inhibited by eating 150-300 milligrams of African mango per day.

Get Some Expert Advice

Make sure you get some expert advice, because going through this alone can be really difficult and without any actual results. The experts can help you decide which diet pills, exercises or diets are good for you, and which ones would only lead to a yo-yo effect.

Don’t Take Stimulants

These things can increase your heart rate, stimulate your brain and increase your blood pressure. Besides this, these things can also lead to many unwanted effects. Stimulants like guarana can make people feel anxious, can cause heart palpitations, as well as insomnia. So, make sure you don’t take any stimulants, or at least only take the ones prescribed to you by your doctor, or by an expert.

Don’t Make Your Own Regimens

Regiments are something that should help you lose weight faster and healthier, and should only be made by experts. Don’t make your own and expect it to work; it wont, because it takes much more than a desire to lose weight to make it happen.

Don’t Believe the Hype

Sometimes, a weight loss drug pops up that everyone seems to be talking about – usually the people on TV and the marketing and advertising experts. Do not believe these people; only believe what the scientists and the experts in the field of weight loss say. Some people just want to sell a product and will say anything to make it happen. Don’t fall for this; only get the products that the people who know something about weight loss tell you is good.

Don’t Skip a Day

Make sure you stay compliant, because that is a key to success. There may come a time when you wish to indulge yourself for just one day, but don’t do it. This could lead to a yo-yo effect, and will make your body counteract and in fact allow you to gain more weight. So, make sure you stick to your regimen at all times, and you’ll get the results you’ve been wanting.

Don’t Give Up

Losing weight isn’t something that happens over night, and the people need to stick to it for some time, before they even start noticing the first results. That is why people shouldn’t give up; they are going to get to where they’re going, but it just takes some time. Just try to stick to it, and you’ll lose weight eventually.

Eat Right

Eating the right food is essential to lose weight and feel fresh. Change your diet slightly, incorporating meals such as healthy stir fries that include plenty of fresh vegetables with Japanese Noodles. It is really quick to cook and tastes amazing. You could try eating more protein based meals too and less processed foods that are full of fats and additives.

Why Would I Need A Food Dehydrator?

Good question! With all the appliances that you can get in your home, there is a great chance that you may hesitate getting a new one especially if you are not familiar with its use and how it can potentially benefit you. Among the popular appliances nowadays is the food dehydrator. Yes, many may seem hesitant to get this product, but for those health conscious individuals, it is sure to be one of the best items that your kitchen can have.

If you are one of those who are still not convinced why you should get a food dehydrator, then there are reasons that you can consider checking out to know why you need a food dehydrator.

  • It reinforces you to try health food options.

As you buy a dehydrator, you are committed in sticking with healthy foods. You are going to try drying up anything like mangoes, apples, cherries, bananas, peaches, and even pineapple. Other popular food choices that people dry are kale, tomatoes, and even peppers. Since drying is one of the oldest way of preserving foods, you are actually allowing yourself to stock up some seasonal food items and eat it for later.

  • Allows you to find new ways of eating raw food

Say, you are on a strict raw food diet. When you get a dehydrator, you are able to try a new way of preparing your raw food and still get all the nutrients in it. Typically, you can also use the dehydrator for warming up other foods like sauces and soups or even cookies, breads, raw crackers, and granola.

  • Helps you save money on still getting quality food items while they are still in their lowest prices

As mentioned, a dehydrator helps you preserve seasonal food items and eat them for later. This also helps you in saving money as you can buy as much mangoes, strawberries and cherries as you want when they are in season and while their prices are typically low. Dry these fruits or vegetables and save up on the costs of getting these items when they are out of season and badly need some.

  • Be able to create light, delicious, and healthy snacks for you and your kids.

Who says, snacks should always be about cheese burgers, pizzas and the like? When you get a food dehydrator, you are giving yourself the ease of preparing snacks whenever you want. You can create several batches of light, delicious, and healthy snacks anytime. This will help you in training your kids to eat healthy and avoid chips that are packed with a lot of food preservatives. It can replace all those expensive bags of chips and crackers for your kids as you can have their banana chips or dried mangoes always ready to be consumed during snack time.

With all of these reasons in mind, you’ll get to understand how beneficial having a food dehydrator is and why you should own a good one in your kitchen. Do check out some of the best ones in the market and compare those that you can afford and can still provide all your requirements.

A Good Start in Investing Wines


Wine investment is not really a common way in making a good return for some people. In fact, some others consider this as a risky step to make a return. Well, this may not be the most attractive way of making an investment but this would certainly guarantee you several benefits that you can never really imagine.

According to some marketing and business experts, wine has become a hit investment when the 20th century started. However, the question is, is this a realistic investment where we can get realistic profits? Let us read further.

The most sought-after wines are a good kind of investment because it is a solid, alternative asset and would never depreciate through time. Wines are also tradeable not just in the country but all over the world. Plus, this is not a subject of capital gains tax because this item is a perishable one unless if you are trading the wine regularly. Aside from making money out of this, you will also enjoy collecting and learning about the types of wine.

How much would it cost you to invest in wines?

This kind of investment is typically for the elite. This is a hobby more than just a business idea. Now, the cost on this investment depends on the type of wine you buy. The price range from locations, age of the wine as well. Naturally, a case of wine cost a few hundred pounds. However, if you prefer a differentiated portfolio, then you may cost you tens of thousands pound. As it has been said, if you feel it is really a weighty risk to take, then you need to strategize and balance the case. Never put all your money to something you are very uncertain of unless if you feel joy in doing so.

What are the ways to invest in wines?

Of course, how to invest in wine is the most basic questions to begin with. Thus, we have listed the three specific ways on how to invest in wine:

  1. Use wine funds.

There are several wine investment schemes which provide you a hassle-free wine investment processes. This will additionally free you from any biases from wine merchants. The good thing about this is that, wine funds do not give you a direct investment. Meaning, you do not own the wine but you are only trading on the value of the market.


  1. Get a wine merchant.

A wine merchant, such as Twelve By Seventy Five, is someone who can help you supply the type of wines you are going to invest in. Thus, you should meticulously find the right option for you. Twelve-By-Seventy-Five will make sure that the wine merchant you select is reputable and established. Bear in your mind that wine investment is not regulated. Hence, different scam operators can trick investors by offering exaggerated returns and very tempting investment offers most especially the ones who are just getting started. Taking extra caution is a must.


  1. Buy and sell wines yourself.

It could never be denied that getting wine merchant is risky hence, if you do not want to take a risk trusting someone your investment, then you have no other choice but to do it on your own. To date, there are so many trading platforms which give you a number of highly-renowned and reputable websites where you can browse the types of wine and get connections of other buyers and sellers who wanted to invest in wines like you. This online platform would enable you to check on the prices, location, videos or pictures of the products. Plus, you can further check on the product reviews of their wine listings.

How to use a Chocolate Fountain


A chocolate fountain makes a great centrepiece for your wedding reception buffet table. Not only is it entirely delicious but it works wonderfully for an elegant and display which is perfect for creating the romantic wedding of your dreams. Most of all your guests will find it fun! In fact it might be so fun that it takes some attention off of the wedding couple. Forget a first dance when there’s chocolate involved. Regardless it will definitely make your wedding more memorable. Finding the right desserts for your wedding reception can be difficult but with a chocolate fountain there is something for everyone and it takes a load off of other wedding expenses. Furthermore it’s so much more easy for everyone to serve themselves rather than having to rely on waiters on your busy day.

To start with your fountain should obviously come with delicious chocolate. Preferably the chocolate should contain a higher concentration of cocoa butter which makes it easier to melt and stay in its continuous liquefied state. There are so many variations of chocolate to choose from but if you know that your guests are particularly fussy then stick to the standard milk chocolate. If you’re slightly more adventurous then why not go for different flavourings such as strawberry chocolate or even chilli chocolate!

No chocolate fountain is complete without things to dip! And due to chocolate being so versatile your dipping options are endless. If you are stuck though here are a few options; cookies, marshmallows, pretzels, fruit, cake. Whether you’ve got a sweet tooth or you like things a bit more savoury you’re definitely not spoilt for choice. Though choosing healthier options should be encouraged. If you’re on the creative side go for bright colours so guests can decorate their skewered creations.

A chocolate fountain is a great icebreaker as not only is it delicious but it creates conversation. People can discuss exactly how they like their skewers and it makes your wedding reception just that little less awkward. Especially as the intention is for the wedding couple to start their new life but to merge the two families.

So if you want a cheaper alternative that will make your reception that much better then what is stopping you? Go for a chocolate fountain and you can’t go wrong.

Best Hot Drinks For Winter

During winter season, hot drinks are very popular. From children to adults, hot drinks are necessary to keep the body warm. Regardless of preference and taste, the drink industry has provided a wide array of hot drinks which people can enjoy throughout winter. Although hot drinks have evolved and created hundreds of hot drinks through combination of ingredients or using new techniques, hot drinks can still be classified into several general types. And here are the best hot drinks for winter.

  1. Coffee – Almost everybody knows that coffee is made from roasted coffee beans. Though it originated from Africa, it is now cultivated in over 60 countries around the world. Though roasted coffee beans are supplied directly from coffee farms, there are still green coffee beans which circulated around the world as many coffee brewers use their own method to roast coffee beans. Experts claim that coffee can reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases while improving mental health. The most  popular coffee drinks are espressos, cappuccinos, Americanos, lattes, mochaccinos and caramel macchiatos. Coffee with milk or tea is also common.  If you want to give it a try why not visit a local coffee
  2. Hot Chocolate – Hot Cocoa or  hot chocolate is a very popular sweet hot drink among children. It is made of cocoa powder. There are many different companies which distribute the chocolate powered drink and it  only requires hot water. However, cafes and many restaurants provide more variants of chocolate drinks, some even are cold drinks.Mexican-Hot-Chocolate1_edited-1
  3. Milk – Milk has been around since mammals roam the earth. It is the first source of energy for infants and the milk industry has come a long way. Though without any other ingredient combined, milk has little visible variants. However, it is one of the hot drinks which have age specific classifications in the industry. Some milks are for newly born infants while others are for children in a specific age bracket. There is also milk which is specifically recommended for pregnant women while those prone to bone diseases have their own milk. On the other hand, milk is also one of the most common ingredients mixed in other types of drink and desserts.img_7631
  4. Tea – Tea is a hot drink derived from boiling or pouring hot water into the leaves of a tea plant. Though it is originally from Asia, tea has become very popular in Europe where all kinds of quality teas are developed and manufactured. It is also considered the main drink for royalty and noble bloods.british-tea
  5. Lemonade – Though lemonade is commonly a cold drink, hot lemonade is one of the best hot drinks for winter. Its combination of acidity and sweetness provides a refreshing taste for people who are tired of drinking milk or coffee drinks throughout winter.piczCk7A9

Though there are only a few hot drinks listed above, depending on the place or ingredients used, there are hundreds or even thousands of hot drinks considered to be the best for winter.