How to choose the right cup of coffee

Are you still searching for the right cup of coffee that will soothe your mind and refresh your senses? It can sometimes be really difficult to choose the perfect cup of coffee  and there are some people who actually choose around 100 flavours of coffee before finalising on one. However, with Kimbo Coffee we believe we have found the perfect cup of coffee for all coffee lovers around the world!

So how to choose the perfect coffee? There are various things to consider while choosing a perfect cup of coffee. Would you need to buy roasted coffee and grind it yourself or buy completely ready made coffee? How do you know the period of it being ground if you buy ground coffee? How many kinds of beans are there and what beans was this coffee made of? How were the coffee beans grown? These are the various things that you need to look into before choosing your perfect coffee.

Consider how the coffee beans were roasted and their quality

It is very important to know how the coffee beans were roasted. French roast is known to be strong while Italian roast is stronger. If the coffee beans are dark they would be stronger. Also consider knowing about the coffee brands. There are various brands of coffee among which Italian brands like Segafredo coffee are good. You can also try out higher qualities like Gevalia or Starbucks. Organic coffee is also one of the best coffees that comprise of zero percentage of chemicals. It consist of no toxic or bad smell and are also original and freshly brewed. Espresso coffees like El Pico and Lavazza are good coffees that can be perfect for you.

Do not buy coffee from grocery stores

Avoid buying coffee from grocery stores as you do not know how long they are sitting on the shelf for. The smell and aroma may disappear if the coffee has not been used for a long period of time. Buy coffee from local cafes and coffee shops where you are sure that there is a good sell amount. Also try buying direct trade coffee with a fair trade certificate that charges better amount from direct trade practices. Establish a good relationship between the roasters and the growers and see their product first hand and so that it is easy to buy.

Try using shade grown coffee

Shade grown coffee is coffee that has not been grown in clear cut straight land so that more coffee plants are grown in large groups. Instead, they are grown in an environmentally friendly way. These coffee plants are also organic in nature.

Know your coffee maker

If you would like to know how to choose the perfect coffee, the first thing you would need to know is your coffee maker. Always choose the coffee and the grind based on the coffee maker. A French press produces better coffee than ordinary coffee makers. Use clean and fresh water and choose the right time to filter your coffee.

Measure your coffee right

You need to have a perfect ratio between the coffee beans, the milk and water. Keep the temperature of water right and use the right amount of coffee and sugar for a steaming hot cup of coffee. Too much coffee may make the drink bitter. The Ratio is very important.

Here are the different tips on choosing the right cup of coffee for a great refreshing drink.