How to use a Chocolate Fountain


A chocolate fountain makes a great centrepiece for your wedding reception buffet table. Not only is it entirely delicious but it works wonderfully for an elegant and display which is perfect for creating the romantic wedding of your dreams. Most of all your guests will find it fun! In fact it might be so fun that it takes some attention off of the wedding couple. Forget a first dance when there’s chocolate involved. Regardless it will definitely make your wedding more memorable. Finding the right desserts for your wedding reception can be difficult but with a chocolate fountain there is something for everyone and it takes a load off of other wedding expenses. Furthermore it’s so much more easy for everyone to serve themselves rather than having to rely on waiters on your busy day.

To start with your fountain should obviously come with delicious chocolate. Preferably the chocolate should contain a higher concentration of cocoa butter which makes it easier to melt and stay in its continuous liquefied state. There are so many variations of chocolate to choose from but if you know that your guests are particularly fussy then stick to the standard milk chocolate. If you’re slightly more adventurous then why not go for different flavourings such as strawberry chocolate or even chilli chocolate!

No chocolate fountain is complete without things to dip! And due to chocolate being so versatile your dipping options are endless. If you are stuck though here are a few options; cookies, marshmallows, pretzels, fruit, cake. Whether you’ve got a sweet tooth or you like things a bit more savoury you’re definitely not spoilt for choice. Though choosing healthier options should be encouraged. If you’re on the creative side go for bright colours so guests can decorate their skewered creations.

A chocolate fountain is a great icebreaker as not only is it delicious but it creates conversation. People can discuss exactly how they like their skewers and it makes your wedding reception just that little less awkward. Especially as the intention is for the wedding couple to start their new life but to merge the two families.

So if you want a cheaper alternative that will make your reception that much better then what is stopping you? Go for a chocolate fountain and you can’t go wrong.